Our Restoration Project

  BPF RenovationsFeb2017
  BPF RenovationsFeb2017 2

Photos courtesy of Dr. Colita N. Fairfax
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Adjacent are pictures showing the renovations to the Federation House.

We had an angel investor for our project (which we will have to pay back), so with this investment and a grant we were able to secure from city of Hampton, we are able to make these exterior renovations.

Our next task will be tackling renovations inside the house.

Volunteer opportunities are available with the Foundation. We're in need of contractors, landscapers, painters, drywall installers, kitchen appliances, office equipment, and a house alarm system. hardwood buffers, and house cleaners.

If you'd like to provide a monetary donation to help with this important work, please click on the button below, or throughout this website by choosing "Donate" in the menu on top of the page.

The Barrett-Peake group working on a museum and gathering place

An edition of "Round Robin" - a program presented by the City of Hampton

  - From the City of Hampton's YouTube channel 

"Dr. Mary T. Christian and Dr. Colita Fairfax are heading up an effort to turn the Hampton home of the Virginia Federation of Colored Women's Clubs into a museum and community gathering place. "

"And that's not all the Barrett-Peake Heritage Foundation is planning..."